Now tell me what you’ve learned?….

Environment is everything

Everyone’s progress looks different

You define your finish line

Distraction reduction is a real thing

No regrets, make the most of what you have now

Growing your network is extremely powerful

Listening is very important

You can do more to put yourself first

There is always room to get better internally

Having something to look forward to is very important

Once you have a goal you know how to execute

Not afraid to ask questions

Yes before no

I want to strive for more

I always think I can be better

Passion will only take you so far

I want to be a leader in business

I have incredible focusing skills when I need too

I want to do important work

I put myself in positions that are uncomfortable in the hopes of getting better and getting more of the picture




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iOS @IFTTT prev. @apple, @rocketmortgage

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