Delicacies & Apologies

2 min readOct 14, 2020

I had to get ahead of it to make sure the narrative wasn’t tainted. Had to be patient, checked it 3 times before I cocked it and aimed it. I had to push the envelope to make sure the letter was delivered. I know I made you fall to a place where you felt triggered. I had to cut ties to make sure I had space to grow. All in all, I want the best for my future family however that goes. Most of these things I didn’t tell you I already know. Couldn’t risk overreactions hitting my door. My over-explaining hit your ego so I cut it low. If I’m here I need the best out of you n you wanted the show.

The invite went left cuz I didn’t feel like the energy was all right. Didn’t let you close cuz I can’t risk you doin the most. Gigi, Kj, and Kim wanna see me doin the most. Can you forgive me? I had to do what I had to do to make sure the right people knew. I had to show you what’s fake so you can get hype for the truth. Not to kill ya vibe but to show you what’s true.

Distance, words hold a certain weight. I’m grown now n all I’m seeing are situations that don’t relate. Apologies if the drapes slide open n you’re still in line at the gate. Protecting my energy is what I’ll do at all costs can’t take the bait. Apologies in advance I’m wanna run up these bands. Came a long way from soccer dreams & Vans. Writing to you now so you know now even in the past. That I’m here to take the chance like it’s my last.