Dear ,

I’ve always wanted to say thanks but I never knew how.

Working for this company taught me a ton of lessons that I couldn’t imagine getting anywhere else at that young and tender age.

You were my real first real introduction to technology and business.

My first glance at how customers awed at products.

My intro to design.

The first real job I loved going to.

We shared the best moments. Times where lines would be wrapped around the mall waiting for people to buy our products. Sundays, where a 6-hour shift would fly by faster than Usain Bolt on Adderall and the store sounded like a live concert was putting on their best performance. We have seen customers cry in joy because we were able to retrieve their data. Teenagers smiling ear to ear just waiting to get their hands on their new iPad. Business owners with the firm and trusting handshakes knowing that we’ll take care of all of their products in a timely fashion. Resellers… yeah… we knew how that went, we’ll keep that between us. We’ve taught kids how to code. Taught the deaf how to navigate our products. Facilitated Photo walks to teach people how best to use their cameras. The list goes on and on but damn we’ve been through a lot.

Being inspired by one of the most touching companies in the world I then went on to become an iOS developer. I, to this day, attempt to change the lives of all who I build for in similar ways that I know Apple would be proud of.

To be continued….




iOS @IFTTT prev. @apple, @rocketmortgage

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iOS @IFTTT prev. @apple, @rocketmortgage

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